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I thought my first post should be one of my favorite looks. It’s easy and makes me look sharp; However if you’re a critic you will notice I’ve broken some “rules”.

At the risk of looking sharp, many times before I’ve managed to over-do it and walk out the door looking like I’m headed to audition for Joker in the next Batman movie. To the folk that have seen me look like that, I really was headed to that audition!

When I wake up in the morning, I usually think about what to wear in the shower, but when I think and nothing comes to my mind this look is what my auto-pilot mode leads me to.

Oh Zara, you Devil! You are the most comfortable pair of black pants that sits firmly around my waist comforted by a black leather belt. You can almost never go wrong with a white shirt (Terms and Conditions apply) especially if you own a pair of customized cuff-links from Yuiitsu. To spice it up a little, because I know everyone going to that meeting will be in a blazer, I thought I should put on that contrasting not-so-subtle waist-coat.

I am a shoe fanatic (okay but seriously) and I love how I can just put on these pair of suede from H&M and not have to look at the mirror about how long my trouser break is. 

Okay, just taking two steps back here, you will notice that my belt and shoes don’t match – well, sue me!  

Also, I’m not shy to accessorize. I believe in fine details but I’m a little careful not to overdo it especially when it is a formal occasion. Maybe a subtle roar is just all it takes with accessories and ALDO knows exactly what I’m looking for. 

All in all, I think it’s safe to say I’m comfortable with this look.

Photography: Foto-Pedia 

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  1. Loida Dollosa Aliparo says: Reply

    for as long as u’re comfortable with what u’re wearing, my apo, it’s so much okay……it’s now no longer a big issue if ur belt and shoes don’t matched……and anything that u’ll put on, for as long as u can carry it well, as in u really have a good built and posture, it’s so much okay, my apo, U ALWYS LOOK GREAT……just alwys have a healthy and happy lifestyle……..GOD BLESS AND GUIDE U ALWYS……

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