Tandem Paragliding

No Ordinary Taste - Tandem Paragliding

To say I was excited would be an understatement. A very close friend of mine invited me to try a unique experience with Mughamarat Adventures who specialize in Tandem Paragliding and Paragliding Training and I have to say – I really had to cross that one off the list for this year.

You wouldn’t know what to expect with all the hot winds wondering how can someone possibly do this in summer and then you get into this BADASS looking Wrangler making you feel like you were at a military site in the movies battling against the dunes of the hot lands.

The site was absolutely breathtaking and really shows you a beautiful side of the desert where nature truly kept hidden its artistic master pieces.

Then we suddenly stop in the middle of a flat plain and my friend points ahead and says “This is our runway”

In my head, I’m wondering if we will pick up speed as I’m going to be rigged onto the Jeep hoping to make it high enough so that I get a good view over the mountains and say hello to the SUN.

As the instructor is strapping me in – he is going through the process and all I can hear are faint greetings from the Camels at a distance. I finally looked my instructor in his eyes because he might be saying something important and this is all I hear “This will release the rig”. He then tapped me on the shoulder and strapped himself to me followed by a witty “Pilot ready”

No Ordinary Taste - Tandem Paragliding 5

Laughing out loud, I turn around and he asks “Are you ready to start running”, in total confusion, I look ahead to see that the Jeep has started to drive and after about 30 meters, I hear a long honk and my instructor pushes me forward, starting to pull the glider to gain altitude.

And we are finally up, 50.. 100.. 150.. 200.. “50 meters more” he says asking me to get ready to release the rig and SNAP! – The rig is off and we are now paragliding!

The scene of how the sunlight was caressing the mountains made me feel awesome and below us there was a herd of goats going for their morning stroll and some camels looking for breakfast.

The highly trained and experienced pilot showed me a few tricks swerving left and then right instantaneously trying to get a reaction out of me and then followed it by a spiral making sure I got the complete experience.

No Ordinary Taste - Tandem Paragliding 9

Finally approaching landing – I didn’t pay attention to the instructions coming from behind which made me land on my ARSE but it was good fun.

No Ordinary Taste - Tandem Paragliding 8

I have to say, this was no ordinary experience!

Photography: Foto-Pedia 

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