Shorts In Check

No Ordinary Taste - Shorts in Check

Once in a while, I have days where I just throw on a nice pair of khaki shorts and let my mood dictate the rest.

I’ve always been a fan of check prints and they have come a long way from when shirts were invented in the mid 1800’s. Putting on a half sleeve shirt was an easy thought that fit perfectly with the idea of shorts especially on an occasion where the sun woke up on the wrong side of the bed – Oh yes and the navy blue on khaki blended rather nicely.

There was once a time when I would wear nothing but white shoes. When I was younger, All the pairs of shoes I owned were white (apart from my school shoes), I don’t understand why. I guess I just like the way they contrasted well with my colours.

Here, I don’t think any other colour can contrast well except white especially where there’s too much going on on top. These pair of Onitsuka Tigers are not favoured by the desert sand but they are an extremely comfortable pair of trainers that does the job of making sure sand does not get in between my toes (on off my many pet peeves).

There is no harm in keeping the wrist game ‘somewhat’ simple with the outfit. I say somewhat because Michael Kors is a little over the top but I just like how the gun metal gives a rustic feel to my overall look. 

This playful simple boyish look just fit perfectly with my day.  Play a little, do childish things once in a while don’t be afraid to let people see another side of you. 

Photography: Foto-Pedia 

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  1. Loida Dollosa Aliparo says: Reply

    i so much like ur attire, my super handsome apo Vivek……u looked more charming and great….go, go, go with ur fashion, my apo…..GOD BLESS U MORE AND MORE ALWYS…….

  2. I realized, when the news about Egypt began to filter my way, that I’m colmpetely uninformed about the culture and structure and history of Egypt. I hope that they sort things out in the best way possible.

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