Playing Hardball

No Ordinary Taste - Playing Hardball

I was reading a very interesting article not too long ago where the author emphasized on how Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs spent very little time to think about what they were going to wear before getting ready to go off and conquer the world.

I for one do not consider myself to spend too much time on deciding what I’m going to wear considering my shower-span is about 15 minutes and knowing the “boy-man” that I am, I don’t think my 15 minutes would make a difference to the economy or come up with a solution to the innovation of next generation technology. So I’m alright devoting that much time to think about how to wrap myself. 

I do however, spend a lot of time in maintaining myself. I try to eat healthy, groom myself every week – making sure I’m not competing with a witch. I also spend 2 hours at the gym out of which 1 hour is wondering why I’m up at 6 in the morning – Just kidding, it’s only resting time between sets! (sort of)

Moving on, I am the architect of my body and how it looks is entirely dependent on me including how I wish to look for the day – Yes, I maintain one outfit a day, very well might I add. What I go to work in is probably what I end up wearing to dinner most often. It’s not much of a choice considering I work for a very dynamic industry and I have to be switched on 25 hours out of a 24 hour day and there is more than one day where I’m unsure of who I’m going to meet so I keep it slightly simple with the fusion between a “going to a yacht party” and “dinner shirt” look.

G2000 is my secret weapon on a confused day that never seems to let me down with a mildly fitted shirt with slightly relaxed sleeves that work very well even with a coat on so that the cuff shows; with a pair of contrasting tailored chinos makes me look like I do not want to play hardball at a meeting – It’s bait really, who does not want to play hardball C’mon!

The look is only complete if combined with the perfect pair of shoes. Zara seemed to be the perfect pair this day that decided to contrast against the plain and subtle colors of my fabrics; and remember, your outfit is not really complete unless your sporting some subtle accessories so as always, Don’t be shy to accessorize.

Photography: Foto-Pedia 

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