Low top white sneakers

No Ordinary Taste - White Sneakers

I get it, not everyone is a fan of white sneakers.

I personally have always owned a pair of low top white sneakers from a very young age. At one point in time, I owned nothing but white sneakers and thought that I would never wear anything else.

White sneakers just go with everything casual and elevates you to look sharper.

I must admit, a pair of white sneakers only lasts a couple of months for me and they take a lot of work to maintain, but it always pays off.

Cleaning my white sneakers is as important as keeping a well-groomed beard or nicely cut nails. It will always leave an impression.

I’ll let you in on a little hack. Since I purchase white sneakers every couple of months, I do not invest in an expensive pair for my casual everyday wear. I buy all my white sneakers from Bershka, Pull and Bear and Jack & Jones.

If you catch me on a regular day at work or almost every weekend, chances are I’m rocking a pair of clean white sneakers. Believe me, if you haven’t already, you must give it a shot. Try it on with anything casual for work or a nice night out with the boys.

No Ordinary Taste - A little laxed

On days when I really feel fantastic, I even wear a white pair of sneakers with formal wear. I know it’s unorthodox but as you already may know, I’m not one to follow all the rules.


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