Fashion is Art

No Ordinary Taste - Is fashion a form of art 2

Fashion is not something you can frame or something that you display at a museum.

I believe dressing yourself up in a way that you wish to be depicted best is requires a great amount of creativity. So, I would agree that fashion is an art.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren

I am the type of person that takes the time to picture myself in different clothing and I’m sure designers picture these things too. It is not an easy task but sometimes it just occurs to you naturally.

My preference in fashion is a blend of Michelangelo and Stuart Davis. I constantly push the norm and do not conform. Not to mention, I am very experimental in my approach but modern with my clear-cut lines and modern colors.

Why do bloggers look great on Instagram? Well, it’s because they have thought about how they want to showcase themselves in the best possible way.

Yes, the photographer’s direction also has a great deal of input into the picture however it can never replace the efforts and artistic approach by the person wearing the outfit.

Art is an expression that is made and displayed.

“What a person wears on their body, is art if it is meant to express their inner selves and outer flair” – Anonymous

 No Ordinary Taste - Is fashion a form of art 1

Designers make art out of cloth and we make art by expressions our individuality through clothing.

To me art is a very personal expression that I love to showcase through Fashion.

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