Dominating the Largest and Fastest Zipline in all of Europe

No Ordinary Taste - Zipline 1
I had no idea that this was about to happen.
Our friends at the Croatian National Tourist Board had planned the activity for us right after we had finished lunch and very heavy lunch might I add.
No Ordinary Taste - Zipline 6
We were about to experience the Longest and Fastest Zipline in all of Europe at Beware of the Bear (Croatian: Pazi Medo), in Rudopolje (Lika – Senj County).
We get into our cars and drive for about 40 minutes to the middle of the mountains where the sun is hiding behind the clouds almost as though she was in disbelief of what we were about to do.
Make no mistake, we truly were intimidated as we arrived. We were greeted by some agitated winds and cold bites but I was too excited to feel anything else other than the adrenaline rushing through my body as I was being strapped into my gear.
To the people who haven’t done this before, holding out only one arm to either side can cause you to spin while going down the line and ensures a rough landing or worse – ’cause your cable could snap mid line.

I’m happy that I was paying attention to everything he said. “Good luck, Cheers” he said and let go of my ankles releasing me into the winds.

At the beginning, I could feel my cheeks being pushed back and all the weight in my body being exerted to the front of my body giving me momentum and allowing me to pick up speed. I was a tad bit nervous at first but was distracted by the amazing views below, green and some more green with beautiful houses and some of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen with very tiny lakes in between realising that this kind of beauty could only be fully appreciated while being looked at from above.

No Ordinary Taste - Zipline 16
Finally approaching the end of the line, I see the instructions for a safe landing and follow exactly what I needed to do.
I thought that it wasn’t enough, I wanted more and BOOM! I had landed safely and was being unlatched from the Zipline and was so thrilled that I had actually done this.
Thank you Croatian National Tourist Board and Beware of the Bear for giving me NO ORDINARY EXPERIENCE.
If you are in Croatia, this is an absolutely must try. I promise you that it is worth it.

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