Behind Perfecting The Watch

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Owning a time piece has become indispensable to a man today. But how do you find the right time piece with all the options available out there? What is the difference between an out-of-pocket purchase (for those of you that aren’t familiar with the term; you know the “damn, it looks like I’m going to be staying home for the rest of the month” moment?) and a purchase that is less expensive?
I love my watch collection. Each and every time piece I own has been painstakingly chosen. I’ve spent a lot of time admiring watches in a showroom and chatting up the salesman about every aspect of the watch (enough to make the gentleman wonder if I’m going to make a purchase) before I actually purchase one. Why? To understand the level of its craftsmanship!
A watch that is an out-of-pocket expense, in reality, is an appreciation to its maker. He spends an immense amount of time perfecting his skill, so much that the he actually thinks about not being able to hear the ticking of the watch for folk that aren’t fond of it. His impeccable attention to detail and careful construction ensures the time piece is extremely durable and is able to withstand the roughness in a man’s day.
No Ordinary Taste_Perfecting The Watch
Another aspect of a better quality watch is its movement. There are two main types of movements: quartz and mechanical. A quartz movement uses electricity to vibrate a crystal at a frequency making it very accurate whereas a mechanical movement is regulated by mechanism.
It’s interesting that even though a quartz movement is the most accurate, it involves less craftsmanship. Mechanical movements are usually found in luxury brands and is highly respected by watch enthusiasts due to the level of skill it takes to create it by hand.
There is nothing wrong is owning a quartz time piece – I own many, it’s just that the appreciation of making a mechanical movement by hand is greater.
Another important factor to consider is the quality of the window of the watch, which is usually a choice between glass, acrylic and synthetic sapphire, aside from other features such as day, date, chronograph and many more, which requires more time and effort showing a strong commitment to craftsmanship.
I conclude by saying that buying an expensive time piece is not always about paying for the brand name, but also a tribute to the efforts of the craftsman.

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