No Ordinary Taste - About Me

About Vivek

Well since you’re here, let’s get acquainted. 

I’m Vivek. Being half-Indian and half-Filipino born and raised in Dubai, I would like to believe that I am well-versed with the industries that typically capture a person’s attention (in 8 seconds, which is the average attention span of a human being). However, I’m sure that’s not the case. 

I believe in attention to detail like most poeple, no but seriously, I really do if you got past my spelling error! 

It’s interesting how this started. Ever since I was a little boy, I was always interested in how I looked and what the person standing in front of me saw when they looked at me.

I remember wearing my father’s suits, being satisfied and convinced I look great, when in fact I looked like nothing but a barrel with an expensive piece of cloth wrapped around it. I always looked at others, listened to their “FASHION RULES”, and for some reason, they didn’t seem to work for me. I never did possess the ideal body depicted in men’s magazines I wanted to look like, and in attempting to look like them and look good, there was nothing but a hole I was sucked into of having too much or too little to actually stand out, and I was never comfortable. 

“To hell with the rules!” – words that have been embedded into the very core of my brain and perception of how I wish to look. I want to be comfortable; comfortable enough to not look in the mirror before leaving my house (okay, that’s actually impossible because I end up doing my hair just before I leave).

Moving on, here are some depictions of how many rules I follow and break in an attempt to look my best, and many of you may not agree with me. BUT I AM COMFORTABLE AND REALIZE I POSSESS NO ORDINARY TASTE!