Fashion is Art

No Ordinary Taste - Is fashion a form of art 2

Fashion is not something you can frame or something that you display at a museum. I believe dressing yourself up in a way that you wish to be depicted best is requires a great amount of creativity. So, I would agree that fashion is an art. “Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about […]

Tandem Paragliding

No Ordinary Taste - Tandem Paragliding

To say I was excited would be an understatement. A very close friend of mine invited me to try a unique experience with Mughamarat Adventures who specialize in Tandem Paragliding and Paragliding Training and I have to say – I really had to cross that one off the list for this year. You wouldn’t know […]

Playing Hardball

No Ordinary Taste - Playing Hardball

I was reading a very interesting article not too long ago where the author emphasized on how Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs spent very little time to think about what they were going to wear before getting ready to go off and conquer the world. I for one do not consider myself to spend too […]